Poem with horizontal borehole

Danes Dyke

We are waiting for results from Sheffield
on the sample taken from the horizontal
borehole.  Initially we thought the gravels
could be correlatives of interglacials
found further west – do you follow? –
but now we read in their significance
the movement of the North Sea Lobe
of the last ice sheet in eastern England.
Freeze and thaw has worked the sediments.
On top of these are laminated muds
and rippled sands, suggesting ice was present
to the south, but we’re not wizened Druids
with hazel wands. This is just our impulse.
We’re eagerly awaiting the results.

From Fossil Sunshine, forthcoming from Worple Press


2 thoughts on “Poem with horizontal borehole

  1. Absolutely wonderful! I love this! Who is the author?

  2. Thank you! Glad you like it! It’s by me (author of this blog).It’s from a collection coming out with Worple Press this summer – http://www.worplepress.com/category/Michael-McKimm/

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